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Secret Key Snow White Pack & Cream & Gel Review

The Snow White spot gel & cream is one of the best cosmetic products from Secret Key. It is nothing but a curative remedy that promotes the growth of skin and sustains it. The Snow white pack is basically a perfect accumulation of a facial mask that leaves the skin as good as new and immensely invigorating. The spot gel also consist of high contents of niacin amide that is scientifically proven to retain skin elasticity, prevents patches and discoloration and give an overall balanced tone, complexion and texture and niacin amide is also found to brighten complexion to a certain extent.


Why Secret Key?

Secret Key is a brilliant Korean skincare company providing products with natural extract base with the best of quality. Their manufacturing procedures are all methodically tested and implemented with the latest technologies to compete with customer’s demands and ensure that their needs are fulfilled. Secret Key provides skincare facilities with healthful ingredients and natural agents that promotes the growth of skin and also enlivens it by replacing dead cells and keeping it moisturized. This is why Secret Key is becoming prominent among the top cosmetic companies in the world.


Snow White Pack and Cream and Spot gel Features and Qualities

The Snow White Spot Gel has quite distinctive features that make it stand out among other whitening skincare products because of following characteristics: reduces patches and dark spots by intensive management of external stimuli, provides long lasting moisturizing and absolutely does not have sticking texture but a perfect layer of matte. The ingredients in it improve and balance skin tone. It gives instant results upon rinsing it off. The glowing payoff basically comes from titanium dioxide addition and prevents the skin from looking devitalized. Other whitening ingredients include niacin amide that reduces pigmentation and suppresses the production of melanin. It is quickly absorbed, moisturizes the skin cells, and can be applied on all skin types. It is also benzophenone free.



Application Directions

To achieve the proper, perfect result you need to apply a generous amount up to 1-2 pumps and the results will be a vibrant appearance of skin.


Extra Features of the Snow White Spot Gel

  • All in one base cream mixture
  • No other application of cream/cosmetic is required (No make-up bases, moisturizers or BB creams, etc.)
  • Niacin amide: which is very healthful for skin
  • Volume: 50g approximately




Customer Feedback

Customers are not quite approving of its long payoff and it being hard to rinse off, but the results and the vibrant appearance it gives is quite appreciated.


My Verdict

I found the product nothing but very effective with not only whitening properties but other healthful benefits for the skin as well. You can check out more reviews and order the Secret Key Snow White Pack & Cream & Gel online through Amazon.com.