Items That Should Never Go on the Face

Beauty powders with brushes

Women and cosmetics are a match made in heaven. We spend thousands every year buying products that are supposed to improve our skin’s health. It takes a lot of time to find the right items that go well with our skin. So many women follow some kind of skin-care routine religiously. But … Read more

Moisturising is just one step

Moisturising is just one step

What? Are you joking? Moisturising is more than “just” a step. It is the step in the process of skincare. While this might be an exaggeration, a skincare regimen needs to include morning and night-time moisturising. If you want to maintain a fresh looking and healthy look, this is the way you … Read more

Caring for Your Family’s Skin: 6 Best Tips of All Time

Caring for Your Family's Skin: 6 Best Tips of All Time

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. But more than that, it is also the biggest permeable organ that can absorb an average of 64 percent of contaminants found in drinking water, according to a study in the American Journal of Public Health. Per the Center for Disease Control and Prevention … Read more

Guide to Buying Home and Office Humidifiers

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During winter, using a heater can strip your space of much-needed humidity. When you spend all day working in an office or staying at home, dry air can be a nightmare, as it can make it uncomfortable for you to do what you need to do. Dry air can cause cracked lips … Read more

Differences between low cost moisturizers and known cosmetics brands

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On the off chance that you follow magnificence bloggers or YouTubers, at that point you’ve presumably devoured enough skincare substance to endure forever. You’ve most likely additionally heard a great deal about costly items and reasonable tricks for those items. Some excellence sweethearts state the expensive choices are costly for an explanation, … Read more

7 Nuggets of Moisturizer Wisdom Everybody Should Know

7 Nuggets of Moisturizer Wisdom Everybody Should Know

Cleanse, tone, moisturize — these make up the foundation of a good skincare regimen. Of course, over the years, this three-step process has turned into a thoroughly elaborate routine (ever heard of the Japanese or Korean 12-step skincare regimen?). But clearly, moisturizing is an essential component of keeping skin looking young and … Read more

Teaching Teens About Proper Skin Care

Some of the challenges that teenagers face, are raging hormones, changing bodies, and as well as increased responsibilities and their desire for independence. As the bodies of teens change, their skincare needs change, too. Therefore, if you have teenagers, it’s important to teach them how to care for their skin properly. This … Read more

Why is Hemp Oil Good for Your Skin?

Why is Hemp Oil Good for Your Skin

Many people believe hemp oil and CBD oil are the same things. Contrary to popular belief, hemp oil is actually harvested by cold-pressing the hemp seeds whereas CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. The two may come from different sources but they share many medicinal properties which make them an … Read more