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Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion 100ml Skin Care Face Day Moisturizer Review


Laneige founded in 1994 in South Korea by Amore Pacific, became one of the top skin care Asian brands in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Laneige is the French word for “snow”. The philosophy behind Laneige Skin Care is the hydrating properties of water and its importance in skin moisturization. Most of its products include natural, herbal ingredients like green tea extracts, truffle yeast, melia bark extract along with the Himalayan mineral water from snow clad peaks of the mighty Himalayas, which the brand’s scientists claim to contain a lot of important minerals which are vital for a healthy, glowing skin.

Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion: this skin care face day moisturizer is a uniquely formulated lotion that can help to defy age through its moisture balancing formula and has myriads of properties associated with it.


Prominent Features of the Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion:

  • Product Type: Age defying lotion/unique moisturizer
  • Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types
  • Packaging: Packed in a very tempting, clear glass, electric blue bottle of 100ml capacity
  • Ceramide Repair Infusion: Dry and dull skin is the first stage of skin aging process. This unique formula contains ceramide water which gets absorbed quickly to preserve and enhance the skin’s moisture, leaving the skin soft and smooth.
  • Bio Sachhride Gum: Another infusion in this moisturizer is the bio sachhride gum which forms a protective film on the skin to hold back moisture and suppleness for a relatively longer time.
  • Himalaya Snow Water: Himalaya Snow Water which is rich in snow minerals, boost the skin’s natural glow and gives an ethereal touch to your skin.
  • Green Tea Extracts and Vitamin E: Infused with green tea extracts and vitamin E, this unique formula has anti-oxidant properties and works to repair and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.





The philosophy behind Laneige Skin Care Line is the importance of water in keeping the skin hydrated and moisturized.

The Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion 100ml Skin Care Face Day Moisturizer uses Himalayan snow water which is said to be rich in snow minerals. It rehydrates the skin and aids in removing the visible signs of aging. It also protects the skin from harmful ultraviolet (UVA/UVB) rays and gives a fresh, vibrant glow with a youthful suppleness.

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