Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer Review

The Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer is instantaneously hydrating moisturizer is dermatologically proven to have the ability to soften skin, rarefy fine lines, enhance the skin by making it more radiant and glowy; the addition of rice bran oil naturally prevents desiccation and adds moisture to the skin, provides vitamin E and sustains skin elasticity for longer periods. If used regularly, this moisturizer will delay the appearing of wrinkles and other fine lines that distorts the skin.


Why Juara Skincare?

Juara skincare, an eminent provider of skin care products of the finest quality was founded by four creative, extraordinary and culturally versatile women, who decided to create a brand that would comprise of their diverse Asian and Western upbringings and turn it into an impeccable skincare facility. The basic mentality behind their skincare company is that they sought to bring about past traditions into use by creating products that would consist of both the botanicals of herbal recipes and implementation of western science so that the product will be the best of both east and west.


Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer Features

The Juara sweet black tea and rice facial moisturizer delivers instant energy to the skin, making it conspicuously radiant and lively so the fine lines over the skin become considerably less prominent, and also produces anti-aging results. The features in the moisturizer will give you a bright youthful complexion, and a distinct botanical complex of the black tea which is very rich in vitamin E and the very embellishing rice bran oil. It is mostly preferred by make-up artists because of its lightweight, sleek texture that is moist but has a matte payoff.


Extra features and nourishing ingredients of Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer

  • Upon application, immediate smoothness and radiance of skin
  • Makes the skin more retaining towards moisture
  • Perfect for all skin types: mature, normal or dry
  • Nourishing avocado butter
  • Slick candlenut oil
  • Rice bran oil that is high in fats and vitamins keeps skin hydrated
  • Paraben and sulfate free
  • Contains antioxidants and dimethicone
  • Balancing amounts of squalene


Application Directions

To get the best possible result apply in the morning and night. Better to apply a generous amount(1-2 pumps) over cleansed skin and get an emollient, dewy glow of your skin.  It can be applied over dry, sensitive, anti-aging skin for nourishing results.


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Customer Feedback

Customer feedback has been quite positive, which speaks of the good quality of the product and its assurance of keeping skins healthy and embellished for longer periods and more specifically customers have been falling over the scent and the complacent feeling its leaves off on application.


My Verdict

The moisturizer has quite lasting properties and excellent features to keep skin healthy, nourished and protected against weather changes. The Juara Sweet Black Tea and Rice Facial Moisturizer is available on sale over at Amazon.com with free shipping.