Clarins Super Restorative Tinted Cream SPF20 Review


The Clarins Super Restorative Tinted Cream SPF20 is a unique veil of tinted texture that gives a healthy, golden and vibrant glow. The cream has some distinct, brightening ingredients that optically diminishes lines, wrinkles, minimizes patches, shadowy spots and gives classiness to facial features. The salubrious ingredients like pueraria lobata and kaki calyx extracts strengthen the ability of skin to resist wrinkles and other anti-aging signs. Additionally, it has early future aging with UVA/UVB sunscreen present in it.  Its also available in four other shades, with peach to orange payoff, but all of them have sheer, matte finish without being too illuminating and only enlivens the skin tone.


Why Clarins?

Clarins is a French cosmetic company providing its utmost skincare products since 1954. The reason behind customers preferring its products the most is because they have been ingeniously manufacturing products that are not only eco-friendly but also include current scientific features and technologies. Its products have been found to not only enliven the skin and make it more appealing but also protects from atmospheric changes with long lasting results.


Features of the Clarins SPF20

The Clarins SPF20 tinted cream is a good tinted moisturizer that doubles as a very effective and a protecting sunscreen. The product has been dermatologically created in a way to replenish and illuminate the complexion. The sheerness of the cream (tinted moisturizer) and purity of titanium dioxide sunscreen gives a luxurious texture and lifts up dull skin by making it more luminescent. The foundation itself provides a wide spectrum of protection from sunburn, but it needs to be applied liberally and generously to achieve that level of protection. The other ingredients flourish the skin by giving it a subtle, exquisite nuance that balances the skin tone and make it more radiant, and also prevents patches and radicals.


Extra features/ingredients of the Clarins Tinted Cream SPF20

  • Main feature: hydrating power
  • Foundation finish: matte and natural
  • Foundation type: tinted moisturizer
  • Make-up finish: sheer, smooth and balanced
  • For all skin types: dry, aged, mature
  • SPF: 20


Application Directions

You need to apply liberal amounts directly on the skin or you can even apply after the application of super restorative serum if the skin is devitalized or desiccated at the moment.


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Customer Feedback

There has been positive customer feedback  with people regarding it as one of the best tinted creams, having an excellent, velvety finish and a very high protection from sun damage – some even spoke how it helped them overcome skin issues that occurs from outdoor activities. So all these reviews have been speaking blatantly of the immensely brilliant qualities of the tinted cream and how it’s playing a role in making their lives better.


My Verdict

I found the Clarins Super Restorative Tinted Cream SPF20 to be quite generous in its description details and it has proven to be one of the best moisturizers in the market. For more reviews, and information on shipping for this moisturizer, be sure to head over to