Choosing the Best Lotion for Eczema

Extreme Dry Skin

Eczema is a skin condition that leads to itchy and inflammation of skin patches. Although there are several types of Eczema but most of them can be treated if you were to follow a good diet and apply the right lotion. The problem with Eczema is that you have to be very … Read more

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Moisturized

close up on a woman’s eye

Just like the skin, it is also important to keep the eyes moisturized and hydrated. It’s because, without enough moisture, your eyes can become dry and uncomfortable. In addition to comfort, the moisture on the surface of your eye also protects it. The outer layer of the surface of the cornea is … Read more

What Products are Available in the Anew Product Line?

Anew is a product line that is under AVON. This skincare line debuted the first mass skincare product containing Alpha Hydroxy Acid anti-aging technology. They have five collections for different skincare needs and ages, namely, Anew Clinical, Anew Perfect Skin, Anew Reversalist, Anew Ultimate, and Anew Platinum. All of the skincare products … Read more

What Products are Available in the Juara Product Line?

Juara Skincare is a line of botanically-based skin products created by four young women to wanted to bring Eastern traditions in skincare and combine it with Western skincare traditions to create a product that can bring out the best in both. Juara, when translated from the Indonesian language, means “champion.” According to … Read more