Guide to Mineral Oil Moisturizers

Bio-Oil Skincare Oil

It seems like people today are freaking out when they see the word “mineral oil” associated with skincare products. Many moisturizers are marketed as “mineral oil-free,” giving people the impression that mineral oil is not good for the skin. The issue many seasoned skincare aficionados have about this ingredient is it’s derived … Read more

Creating Skin Care Products with Essential Oils

When you check the ingredients of most of the skincare products you have, you’ll notice that there are essential oils on the list. Essential oils are extracted from plants through the process called distillation, using all parts of the plant, including its roots, stems, and flowers. Essential oils are usually associated with … Read more

Why is Hemp Oil Good for Your Skin?

Why is Hemp Oil Good for Your Skin

Many people believe hemp oil and CBD oil are the same things. Contrary to popular belief, hemp oil is actually harvested by cold-pressing the hemp seeds whereas CBD oil is extracted from the hemp plant. The two may come from different sources but they share many medicinal properties which make them an … Read more