Ingredients for Lanocreme Manuka Honey Night Cream

Night Cream

The Lanocreme manuka honey night cream is among the many products by Lanocreme. Based in New Zealand, Lanocreme uses home-sourced ingredients to make its products. One of their popular products is the lanocreme manuka honey night cream. Lanocreme prides itself on using ingredients that are premium-grade and ethically sourced.  These products ensure … Read more

How to Spot a Tell in Online Poker

How to Spot a Tell in Online Poker

Poker has changed massively in the last two years in the US. Casinos represent over $240 billion in revenue in the US alone, so it takes a lot for it to change how they do things. However, as reported, the pandemic forced every casino and gaming hall to close last year. … Read more

Is Honey an Effective Skin Moisturizer?

pouring honey on a spoon

Honey is commonly used as an ingredient when preparing snacks, meals, and drinks. It is a natural sweetener that is also known to be healthy. But in addition to that, did you know that it can also be used as a skin moisturizer? Honey also has some therapeutic value for the skin. … Read more

Tips for Moisturizing Dry and Chapped Lips

moisturized lips

Dry or chapped lips are among the common and uncomfortable issues that most of us experience. The skin on our lips is much thinner and more delicate compared to the other parts of the body. Our lips are also exposed to various elements, such as sun, dry air, and cold, which make … Read more

Moisturizing Skin Care Tips for Athletes

woman warming up

It is very important to take good care of your skin every day, most especially if you are an athlete. Whether you are a professional athlete or a student-athlete, you need to take measures in order to keep your skin moisturized and avoid different skin conditions. Athletes usually spend more of their … Read more

What are the Primary Causes of Dry Eyes?

Dry eyes pertain to the lack of lubrication and moisture on the surface of the eye. Enough and consistent layer of tears on the surface of the eye is essential to keep the eyes healthy and comfortable. When you have dry eyes, some of the symptoms that you might feel are burning … Read more

How Can Diet Affect the Moisture of Your Skin?

Most people who are suffering from dry skin tend to seek skincare products like lotions and moisturizers to solve their problems. However, sometimes, even when you spend a lot of time applying these products, your skin remains dry or dull. When this happens, maybe using moisturizing products is not enough. It’s because, … Read more

Tips for Keeping Aging Skin Moisturized

woman with aging skin

Aging is a serious and continuous process that affects all people. As we age, our skin is not as plump, radiant, or bright as it used to be when we were younger. For example, when you reach your 50s and 60s, it is common to start seeing dark spots, sagging skin, and … Read more

What Is Castile Soap?

a bar of Castile soap

When you go to supermarkets, you will find many different kinds of soaps. There are soaps made for bathing, for skincare, for dishwashing, and for laundry. But have you ever encountered one soap that can do all of these in one? If not, then we’d like to introduce to you the Castile … Read more

What Is Marine Collagen and What Are Its Benefits?

liquid collagen

One of the most abundant proteins in the human body is collagen. It can be found in the ligaments, skin, tendons, bones, blood vessels, and muscles. It also plays an important role in maintaining the overall structural integrity of the body. However, our bodies produce around 1% less collagen with each passing … Read more