Castile Soap for Face and Body


Some decades ago, our ancestors were totally satisfied with using any soap for their face, hair and body, regardless of the type and ingredients. However, with research and evolution, we got to know the hidden toxins used in the manufacture of regular soaps. So, it’s our right to demand for a better … Read more

Is Honey an Effective Skin Moisturizer?

pouring honey on a spoon

Honey is commonly used as an ingredient when preparing snacks, meals, and drinks. It is a natural sweetener that is also known to be healthy. But in addition to that, did you know that it can also be used as a skin moisturizer? Honey also has some therapeutic value for the skin. … Read more

Tips for Moisturizing Your Skin Naturally

Natural moisturizers

People who are into taking good care of their skin surely know the importance of moisturizing. However, purchasing good moisturizers can cost a lot over time. That’s why it is also great to know some natural ways to moisturize your skin at home. This is useful, especially when you are running low … Read more

Natural Options for Everyday Moisturizing

Skincare for products

Dry skin cannot only be irritating but make you look both dull and old as well. This is why hydration is important that helps your skin look healthy and fresh. However, it is not just the people with dry skin that need to know this, everyone irrespective of the skin type should … Read more

What is Cetearyl Alcohol and How Is it Used in Moisturizers?

Moisturizer in a bottle

You don’t want your moisturizer to contain drying and sensitizing alcohols, but you might feel that you’re being lied to when you pick up a bottle that says “alcohol-free,” yet lists cetearyl alcohol as an ingredient. Product labels can be baffling, so here’s the truth about cetearyl alcohol and its use in … Read more

What is Collagen?

What is Collagen?

For the skin and body, collagen is super important. It’s not just a beauty trend that has spread from cosmetic injections to products that you see every day on drugstores and grocery shelves. Food, food supplements, skin creams, powders, and even drinks use collagen as a way to a healthy and vibrant … Read more

Teaching Teens About Proper Skin Care

Some of the challenges that teenagers face, are raging hormones, changing bodies, and as well as increased responsibilities and their desire for independence. As the bodies of teens change, their skincare needs change, too. Therefore, if you have teenagers, it’s important to teach them how to care for their skin properly. This … Read more